Website Development – 5 Tips to Improve Your Webpage Performance

Web page loading time plays an important role in drafting the destiny of the website. One of the biggest challenges posed by web developer during website development is developing download time friendly websites. Most of the web visitors love to visit those web pages which are downloading time friendly. According to a survey conducted by leading research organisation most of the users feel that things don’t happen fast enough to impress them. According to Christian Heilmann – Hollywood action flicks are to be blamed for generating the expectation of fast loading web pages in the web visitor because they always show the high decree, data rich animated webpage interfaces that pop up at the click of the mouse spilling out encyclopedic data within matter of few milliseconds. The over use of technology or very immature use of it may kill the purpose of the particular website application. It is always important to display the correct information at the places which will guide the web visitor to their ultimate goal.

There are many factors which may contribute towards slow download time of your webpage like

1. HTML is most commonly used for web development. Heavy file size of the HTML documents used during particular website development venture is one of the foremost reasons to slow down the downloading time of your webpage.

2. File size of another elements used during website design like graphics, programming scripts, and other multimedia functions are also responsible for slowing down the websites downloading time.

3. The speed of internet connection, server, and responsiveness of visitor’s computer also hampers the speed of the website.

These are just some of the technical factors which may play important role in affecting the speed of the particular website. There are certain measures to be taken up at web developer’s end during web development to create the download time friendly web application. Those measures are:

1. Optimise the HTML file size.

2. Optimise the file size of the elements used up for website application development like graphics, scripts and other multimedia elements. Thoroughly check the HTML scripts to ensure that webpage is not loaded with unwanted scripts during webpage development. Clearly define the image sizes and their container elements so that images load very fastly.

3. Use CSS script to control the functions in particular website application.

4. Now day’s web developers find it easy to use PHP script and JavaScript to cut down the file size and to cache the collated file during web application development. The files are cached, and are automatically updated when some changes are made in data during any phase of application development or website development.

5. Image jumble: Most the web developers used the idea of incorporating the low file size images during the early phases of the website development. These images were very quick in arresting the attention of the web visitor because the images with smaller file sizes loaded first in the mean time the images with large file size loaded up. This invoked the feeling of “more to come” in minds of the visitor. So web developer can use same method with much perseverance to grab the attention of the web visitor till the webpage loads fully.

These tips can be utilised completely to make your web application or website more responsive and user friendly.

Mobile App Development

If you think about it, all the major change in human history has come with shifts in technology.

When humans invented the wheel, life changed.

When humans created the steam engine, the industrial revolution kicked off.

When the world wide web become popular, we entered the information age. People could instantly connect and communicate with the rest of the world from their home or office.


We carry the power of internet in our pockets and can call and text people anytime from anywhere. Look around and see how many people use their smart phones to source for products and services, find a restaurant, text friends, read email or update their status on Facebook.

What happened with website is exactly what’s happening now with apps and mobile technology. The only different is that we have experienced the rise of the internet and are conditioned to react more quickly to the app revolution.

Business App

People’s desire for immediate need for real-time information.

Smart phone users have constant desire to be entertained or do more work with less effort.

Consumers love the convenience of instantly getting something they want. People like the ability to see their loved ones during a phone call. Text messaging is outpacing email and voicemail messages because it’s simple and immediate communication. App fit in with this on-the-go lifestyle.

As the price of phones drop and more people buy smart phones, the app market will be expanding even faster.

Put Your Business In Your Customers’ Pockets.

Mobile app is the perfect communication channel to keep in touch with your regulars for last-minute bargains, daily deals, gentle reminder through Push Notification function.

Push Notifications are another effective advanced Mobile app marketing tactic. A push notification send a message to customers who have your app on their phone. The notification can contain whatever message you want to pass on to the user. It pops up on the screen like a text messages. Since these notifications are displayed like text messages, the open rate is close to 100 percent. Don’t send push notifications everyday because customers will get annoyed and delete your app.

Engage your customers, make it easy for them to choose you again by giving them something of value via your own mobile app promo page.

Put your brand in your customers smart phones where they’re spending most of their time. Smart phones users look at their phone 150x per day and have their phone with them 22 hours per day.

Coaching and Education Mobile Apps

As a personal coach your job is to make life better for your clients. Whether you’re a personal trainer, life coach, or business coach, your customers are going to see a real change in their life. Do you want to see a real change in your life as well? Having your own mobile app can make your life better by drawing more customers to your great service.

Smart phone technology is transforming the world about us, it’s making a difference to how we communicate, and how we find and then use services. If you’re not taking advantage of this smart phone revolution, then you’ll be left behind by coaches who are.

When you have a mobile app, your clients will be able to interact with you on a whole new level. Emails can drop into the trash can without being looked at, when you send a message via your app it’s sure to make an impression. You can include motivational videos that your clients can access whenever they need a little extra encouragement. You can even include online tutorials, or a list of recommended reading before the next appointment.

Here’s a great idea. Why not reward your clients for recommending your service to others? Don’t give them an underwhelming coupon, send them a fantastic looking e-coupon via your mobile app. They won’t just be telling one friend about your service, with a click of a button they’ll be raving about your coaching to hundreds, maybe thousands, of online friends.

You’ll know how much your customers love social media. Your mobile app will turn that to your advantage. They hang out in online forums and groups that are related to the services you offer. Using the app they’ll be able to post a positive review directly to these groups. It’s so much better than broad based hit-and-miss marketing, it’s social marketing that goes directly to the very people who have an interest in the service you provide.

The Twenty-first Century is changing by the day, and bringing fantastic opportunities to those who reach out and grab them. A bespoke and beautiful mobile app won’t just put you level with your competitors, it will put you ahead of them. Contact our team today, don’t let the moment get away.

5 Top Reasons To Have A Business App Built

They are not a passing trend and they are not a thought of the future. They are a real tool for business building…and are reaching your customers where they are- on their mobile phones.

Business owners know the importance of having a website presence these days and to be frank, the businesses that are not yet online will most likely be losing a lot of sales and may in fact be out of business before long.

Just as a website is crucial for your business, so is having contact with your customers where they are most likely to communicate with you. Mobile devices.

Many business owners are still unclear or uninformed as to what a Mobile App can and will do for their business therefore they cannot see the importance.

To assist with the process of education I am outlining the Top 5 Reasons To Have  A Mobile App Built for your business.

1. Be The Leader In Your Area

In this world of vanilla marketing it takes more than ordinary to stand out. Being and doing the same as everyone else will not have your message heard in a noisy market. There are many ways to be unique in todays market and Apps are just one way.

By having an App for your customers to easily find you whenever they want you,  YOUR business will be the one they think about and come to.

Also, because Apps are just beginning to take off in the business world, your App will most likely be at the top of the App store searches so that when a visitor to town types in keywords relating to your business, they will find your App instantly.

It has been said that before long, searches on the App stores will be just as popular as Google searches so if you are there now, you will be found easily.

2. Communication

Relationship building is vital in business now more than ever. With so many businesses around that offer exactly the same as you, why would a customer visit you over another?

This has a lot to do with the experience they receive and the value you offer but it also has a lot to do with relationships.

A Mobile App is the perfect tool to stay in constant contact with your customers. Offer them great value and deals- directly through the phone. Make it easy and simple for them to contact you- through their phone. Give them the opportunity to email or voice mail you with a question- through their phone and also allow them to locate you easily- through their phone.

3. Social Share

People are social. We live in a very socially sharing environment now as technology has made it possible to share with people from all over the world- easily.

Social share is  referrals for your business. A good word or testimonial from a customer to their friends is far more powerful than anything you could say through marketing.

This one tool alone will bring you referrals, new sales and repeat customers.

4. Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a fantastic feature available with Mobile Apps.

They allow you to send a message to all of your App holders instantly. The message appears on the front screen of the phone and there is a 97% response rate to these messages.

Far more powerful for instant response than emails or SMS although they have their place in your marketing tool belt also.

Announce the weekly special, let your customers know about a new product, give them an incentive to visit you that day/week, send them a weekly tip to keep your business top of mind with them.

So many uses for this feature and it only take a few minutes to send so even the most busy business owner can incorporate this into their routine.

5. Data base collection

These days we need to have a good customer database to work with. Email marketing and direct response marketing require many details from your customers for best results.

On the download of an App, customers have the ability to say ‘yes’ to be instantly added to your list. They can also add themselves later within the app by filling in a form. The App can be integrated with the data base collection you already run or can be a stand alone excel sheet database.

Either way, it is an easy lead capture tool and it will then allow you to market to your customers through the App and also through email and direct response.

My final message here? If you have a business or organisation that has an audience- you need an App to reach them more effectively.

I trust this has given you more insights into what it could mean for you and the growth of your business to be on the leading edge of this Mobile App world we are now living in.

Connect and relate to your customers where they are- on their mobile devices.

Mobile App- How Will My Customers Benefit?

My customers want to know whats in it for them?

Getting into the Mobile App market and creating an app for your business needs to benefit not only you but also your customer. They want to know whats in it for them and they need to be gaining something from the use of your app.

This is one of the most commonly asked question I get asked from small business owners when talking to them about Mobile Apps and in this short video I answer this question.


Your customers will love the fact that:

1. They can claim loyalty rewards easily each time they visit your store, without having to carry more cards in their wallet

2. They have easy, convenient access to your website, special offers, products and online store whenever they have the time to browse , either while relaxing or on the fly, from their mobile devices

3. They have a ‘one tap’ connection to your business via phone, email, social media or website

4. They receive special ‘app holder’ benefits from your business

Depending on your business type, there are also specific tools you can have included in your Mobile App that provide your customer with easy ways to calculate things such as tips and mortgage repayments.

Designing an App with your customers needs in mind is one of the vital elements to app building as the interaction between the customer and your business, is what will make the difference and bring you results.

If you would like anything clarified or have more questions, I would be more than happy to answer them for you. You can go to the website also and request a free demo app for your business.

Points to remember while creating mobile apps for your business

developersWith the increased penetration of mobile phones and increased competition in the market, targeting customers with mobile business apps is necessary. In this competitive market condition, it is necessary to have your mobile app. It helps in increasing your customer bases and sales as it is easy to increase it via app. Additionally, your customers don’t have to share their data with other browsers, it protects your customer’s data. Mobile app is one of the best marketing tools you can use for your business.

Everyone wants to create an app for their business, but is it so easy? Now with the help of app developers it is becoming very easy to build an app successfully. You can create it overnight with the help of these business apps developers.

Here are some points you should remember while creating your app:

Always select best app developer

Developing app is a one-time expense, you are not going to develop it daily. Although small changes are required regularly. So make sure you are selecting best app developers who have great experience in app development as you can easily use their experience in getting the best out of your app.

The app should be very easy to use

The app should be very easy to use and user friendly, user should just start the app and perform his task, it should not take too much time. If the app will take excessive time or it will be difficult to use, they will not use the app and you may lose your customer.

Keep your app updating

Keep checking you app regularly. Try to find out the problems which customers may face. Ask your customers to review the app as it will help you in understanding the problems your customers are facing. Keep making these changes in your app, keep updating your app and remove these bugs as soon as possible.

Design the app for future

As the mobile penetration is increasing day by day, it is necessary that you should create your app for future and it can easily handle the increased traffic also.

To compete in this market, mobile marketing strategy is essential. Business apps are necessary now days. Make sure your app is good as having no app is a better option than having a bad app. These were some small tips you should follow to have a better mobile app. While developing the app always make sure that you app is attractive and easy to use. Additionally, keep a regular check on the performance of the app.